Deeper into Worship at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Lutherans describe the church in terms of the worshiping assembly. 

“It is also taught that at all times there must be and remain one holy, Christian church.  It is the assembly of all believers among whom the gospel is purely preached and the holy sacraments are administered according to the gospel.” (Augsburg Confession, 7)

The Holy Spirit gathers the people of God around Jesus Christ present in the word of God and the sacraments, so that the Spirit may in turn send the people into the world to continue the gathering mission of God’s reign.

10:00 AM
Worship with Communion
(Rite of Healing - 3rd Sunday)
A blend of traditional and contemporary with Pastor Conrad Tollefson
Holy Communion is offered at all services.  All are invited to our Lord's table.  Children without instruction will receive a blessing.  Wine and grape juice are available.  Parents who have children in the nursery may wish to pick up their children at this time and bring them to the altar for the blessing
Healing Ministry - Individual prayers with a parish nurse (during worship service, following communion) on the third (3rd) Sunday of each month.
Worship takes place in particular assemblies within particular contexts.  Yet every assembly gathered by the Holy Spirit for worship is connected to the whole church.  Worship unites the people of God in one time and place with the people of God in every time and every place.

The Christian assembly also worships in the midst of an ever-changing world.  And because the worship that constitutes the church is also the fundamental expression of the mission of God in the world, worship is regularly renewed in order to be both responsible and responsive to the world that the church is called to serve.

From: Evangelical Lutheran WorshipCopyright 2006 Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaPublished by Augsburg Fortress