Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Youth Ministries
'Under the Bridge" 


13 youth and adult leaders spent a week, 
July 12 – July 17, working with several different ministry agencies in San Francisco. Several of the projects were in “The Tenderloin,” an area of downtown in which a large share of the city’s needy people live. One of our teams spent 4 days with a Boys and Girls Club in which extremely dedicated workers guide children in life and faith skills, helping them grow up strong and safe in a community of drug abuse and poverty. We worked with groups who deliver food daily to individuals who can’t leave their dwellings. We worked with food banks, and the massive system of food sources (100s), distribution, and delivery. Housing needs are overseen by dozens of private (and some government) groups, concerned about safety, warmth, and dignity. Recovery programs and people growing food are even partnering.
On the trip were: Jackie Madsen, David Bock, Jonathan Tollefson, Tyler Tetzloff, Allison Hauke, Pastor Conrad Tollefson, Kirsten Hauke, Mikaili Spencer, Christy Tollefson, Austin Fischer, Maddy Dutton, Adam Rehberg, and Brynna Flynn. The event is organized by YouthWorks. Sunday, July 26, members of the team will share some of their impressions and stories at our 10:00 am worship service. They are very thankful to the congregation of Prince of Peace for supporting them in this ministry.

Pastor Tollefson

2019 Youth Mission Trip
Portland, Oregon
July 28-August 2, 2019
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Brynna Flynn, Peter Malmanger, and Tyler Tetzloff
2017 BLESSING OF Quinn Bergin on her Confirmation on June 11